‘Love, Sex and Darkness in Books for Children’ – SCBWI India event 27 November 2014

SCBWIIndia Event November 2014‘Should children’s books only deal with happy things? What about death, violence and sexuality? What about darkness and ugliness? Some people think we should protect children from the nasty things in life for as long as possible, whereas others hold that books can help children understand reality and learn to deal with it. SCBWI India would like to throw this question open to authors, illustrators, publishers, booksellers, teachers, librarians and other stakeholders in children’s literature.’

‘Everyone present’ at this SCBWI India event in Delhi, supported by Bookaroo, will be discussing this on 27 November, with Samina Mishra and Priya Kuriyan as Moderators; an Introduction from Shalini Advani and Conclusion from Duckbill Books‘ Sayoni Basu.

Although many of us will not be able to attend, it’s certainly a salient topic for continued discussion… what do you think?

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