Happy International Book Giving Day!

international Book Giving Day - 14 February 2015However you’ve been celebrating International Book Giving Day, I hope it’s been a good one. It’s still not too late to join in – get some ideas here

I took part in Zoe’s book swap at Playing by the Book. It was fun not knowing until a couple of weeks ago who I would be paired up with. My book arrived during the week but I was very good and only opened it today… Here it is, and I’m happy to share it with you:

'Qui Quoi Qui' by Olivier Tallec (Actes Sud Junior (France), 2014) for Playing by the Book's book swap for International Book Giving Day  2015What an adorable book – Qui Quoi Qui by Olivier Tallec (Actes Sud  Junior (France), 2014 – and very clever – each spread asks a question and the reader has to find who it refers to in the line up of characters  in the pictures…  A nice little French exercise for my son too!

And with the book, my book swap partner Anne Viel enclosed the card shown with a translation of the text – thank you, Anne – and then I realised that the card is in fact written and designed by Anne herself: a recipe for carrot jam – and that will be a new one for me too!

Alors, Anne, merci pour le beau livre – and it has been a real bonus to discover some of your animation work (which is where the carrot jam comes in, no doubt!)…

PS I’ll let you know what book I sent to Anne once i know she’s received it!
PPS There’s a great Giveaway for International Book Giving Day over at Pragmatic Mom…


  1. ooh, that looks like a lovely book! And carrot jam? Wow, yum yum!

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