Nami Concours 2015 – Winners

Nami Concours 2015I somehow missed this – if you did too: sound the fanfare!  The Nami Concours 2015 winners have been announced!

Congratulations to Grand Prize winner Marcelo Pimentel from Brazil, for the illustrations from his first self-authored (wordless) picture book O Fim da Fila (‘The End of the Line’).  The book had already been selected for the 2012 White Ravens Catalogue.

'O Fim da Fila' (At the End of the Line) by Marcelo Pintentel (Brazil).  Illustrations won Grand Prize at Nami Concours 2015

'O Fim da Fila' by Marcelo Pimentel (Brazil) - wordless picture bookSince it’s a wordless picture book, translating it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, so perhaps we can look forward to it becoming readily available outside Brazil…

Golden Island prizes both go to German illustrators: Sonja Danowski for ‘Grandma Lives in a Perfume Village‘ (she also won a Golden Award at the inaugural 2013 Nami Concours!); and Torben Kuhlman for ‘Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse’ (English edition published by NorthSouth Books, 2014).

Green Island prizes have been awarded to: Hassan Amekan from Iran for ‘Zal and the Phoenix’; Julie Bernard from Réunion for Le jardin de Rose; and Myeong-ae Lee from South Korea for ‘Plastic Island‘.

There are ten Purple Island prize winners: Awang Fadilah Ali Hussein (Malaysia), whose book Land Below the Wind I recently reviewed; Manon Gauthier (Canada); Mayah Hanisch (Chile); Mi-jung Lee (South Korea); Anna Morgunova (Russia); Urszula Palusinska (Poland); Andreja Peklar (Slovenia); David Pintor (Spain); Tatiana Sugachkova (Russia); and Margarita Surnaite (Lithuania).

A goodly number of Encouragement Prizes were awarded too: see the Nami Concours website for the complete list.  This year, the second Nami Concours, there were 1,330 entries in total; and the 94 winners come from 34 different countries.  All the winning entries will be exhibited throughout May on Nami Island, South Korea.

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