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 Dear Nanay: How This Story of a Little girl and her OFW Mother Came to Be
by Zarah Gagatiga, teacher, librarian and blogger at  School Librarian in Action (Philippines)

  A Reading List: Books from the Philippines and about the Philippine Diaspora
by Katrina Gutierrez, children’s literature specialist and Communications & Project Manager of Lantana Publishing (UK/Philippines)


 ‘A Question of Balance’: Disability in Children’s and YA Books from Around the World

The Savage by David Almond: From Book to Stage

A Mixed Bag of Great Books for Refugee Week

Painting with Rainbows – A Michael Foreman Exhibition at Seven Stories

An Introduction to the IBBY Collection for Young People with Disabilities
by Leigh Turina, Lead Librarian for the IBBY Collection for Young People with Disabilities,  Toronto Public Library (Canada)

Snow – A Picture Book Reading List from Around the World


Reconciliation and Friendship in the Face of Fear and Distrust in Children’s and YA Books

Escaping Conflict, Seeking Peace: Picture books that relate refugee stories, and their importance
 – presentation given at the IBBY Congress, London, in 2012

Meeting Jessica Souhami at the Children’s Bookshow

Seeing the Woods and the Trees in 42 Picture Book Stories from Around the World

Keeping a Green Tree in your Heart: A Selection of Tree-Themed Poetry Books

The Life of Trees and the Tree of Life: An Annotated List of Multicultural Non-Fiction Picture Books About Trees

The Spirit of the Baobab Tree: Bridge to a Forgotten Past
by Dionne Champion, dance educator and children’s author (US)

Seeds of Inspiration: Books for Children and Young Adults about Wangari Maathai

Feature Article and Q&A: Jainal Amambing


A Rampai Bunga of Children’s Books from Malaysia
by Tutu Dutta-Yean, children’s author (Malaysia)

Getting Diverse Books into the Hands of Young Readers

Picture Books Featuring Cross-Racial Friendships

Looking In, Staring Out and Walking Through: Children’s Books that Feature Mirrors, Windows and Doors

Welcome to the First Issue of Mirrors Windows Doors




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