A Quick Hello…

Hello, Everybody!

Just to say that I’m back after the summer – a little later than hoped and expected due to some technical issues, now happily resolved!

There’s certainly been plenty going on in the interim, and I’m looking forward to sharing articles and news with you through this new school year.

First up is a reading list of picture books to round off MWD’s tree theme – ‘Seeing the Woods and the Trees in 42 Picture Book Stories from Around the World‘.

Look out for a new theme soon, as well as book reviews and some special interviews…


  1. Hi Marj,

    Thank you so much for the beautiful spread you did of WaterBridge Outreach’s book set donated in 2015 to schools, libraries, reading centers and mobile libraries in the developing world–we so much appreciate it! And congratulations onall the fine things MWD is doing–love your choice of theme in woods and trees in multicultural children’s lit! Am eager to see what your next theme will be!

    With every best wish,


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